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By providing a range of pre and post landing services we offer a unique tailored service which suits each student’s individual needs. As we are based abroad the organisation can provide compete support to the students who are intending to study abroad for the first time in their career to explore the new world. We offer most of our pre and post landing services free of cost to those who wish to study abroad. 

Our ultimate aim is to provide the best student consultancy service to our clients. We have dedicated & trained staff members who are providing support to students throughout the application process. In addition, we help the potential students to choose the most appropriate available course which can help them to progress towards their future. We also provide assistance in filling the course application form, guidance for student loan, visa application filing, and provision of accommodation with part time jobs (if required).

As Students Visa Rules are changing frequently it is becoming harder for the clients to find the best possible solutions. Constantly changing rules and requirements may lead to rejections and unnecessary delays for the students. To avoid facing these problems we keep our staff updated on the new rules and requirements so our clients can get smooth service without facing any obstacles.

BEC students maximize their potential opening the door to the rest of their career. With our support students can feel confident in selecting the right course of studies and the best university or college for further studying abroad.

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